No walk-ins on 1/28/2020: by appointment only

We will not be providing any walk-in advising on 1/28/2020. Please schedule an appointment to meet with a transfer advisor regarding transfer credit equivalencies and GEP.

Tau Sigma

Tau Sigma members are encouraged to promote student involvement at UCF, especially in activities and programs that assist other transfer students in making a successful transition.

Membership in Tau Sigma is a special opportunity for you to distinguish yourself based on your academic excellence, and we wish to congratulate you on your early success here. Students are invited to join Tau Sigma each semester if they have met the minimum qualifications set by Tau Sigma’s National headquarters.

Membership criteria can be found here.

We are seeking exemplary students to go above and beyond and assume leadership opportunities. As a national honor society, Tau Sigma holds the keys to open many doors for you now and in the future, and this is a clear path to take full advantage of that fact. Please, contact us for more details. Tau Sigma will be participating in academic, social, and service events each semester.

We will announce meetings, social activities, service opportunities, etc. on this website and on Facebook, which is currently under construction. Please feel free to contact any officer or the faculty advisor with questions or concerns.

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