No walk-ins on 1/28/2020: by appointment only

We will not be providing any walk-in advising on 1/28/2020. Please schedule an appointment to meet with a transfer advisor regarding transfer credit equivalencies and GEP.

Knight Track: General

Knight Track: General (Overview)

Knight Track program requirements address four domains of the student experience: Goal-Setting, Academic Success, Career Planning, and Academic Planning. Participation is required in all of the following activities to be eligible to apply for the scholarship award at the end of the semester.

  • Attend Knight Track Orientation Session [Skype or in-person]
  • Goal-Setting: Attend at least (1) Transfer Success Consultation with a UNITE Ambassador [Skype or in-person]
  • Academic Success: Attend at least (2) SARC Workshop(s) or SARC Service(s)
  • Academic Planning: Meet with Major Advisor

Knight Track: General (Program Requirements)

(Complete 1): Transfer Success Consultations

  • This consultation will be with a UNITE Ambassador of Transfer and Transition Services
  • Recommended as one of your first tasks to complete
  • Book online: , or email them directly:
  • OBJECTIVE: UNITE Ambassadors are Peer Mentors that help you to identify a S.M.A.R.T goal that’s specific to your desired outcomes this semester. They will help coach you through Knight Track completion.

(Complete 2): SARC Service or SARC Online Sessions

  • (1) SARC Service: This includes individual and group activities such as, S.I., Tutoring, and Academic Coaching and Engagement (ACE). For a full list of SARC services, visit:
    • To verify attendance: Indicate on the exit survey Bernard Huggins needs to know you attended.
  • (1) SARC Workshop/Webinar (see attached list)
  • OBJECTIVE: SARC is the Student Academic Resource Center and they offer a variety of services aimed at gearing UCF students for academic success. Through participation in their services and workshops, you will the continued development of student learning skills.

(Complete 1): Major Advising Appointment

  • Recommended following the Career Services appointment. Your Academic Advisor for your major will be notified of your placement within Knight Track and will verify your attendance to any advising appointment
  • OBJECTIVE: Having an academic plan is important to ensure you are only taking courses relevant toward your graduation. Through attending a Advising Appointment with your Major Advisor, you will create an academic plan and establish a graduation date.

Getting Started on the Knight Track

Step One: Receive notification from Transfer and Transition Services that you have been placed on the Knight Track
Step Two: Register and Attend Knight Track Orientation (virtual orientation options available)
Step Three: Connect with your Knight Track mentor – UNITE Ambassador (peer mentor)
Step Four: Begin completing program requirements – must be completed in (1) semester