For questions related to what is needed to transfer, admissions criteria, Florida residency, the admissions application and process, please view the FAQ section of the Undergraduate Admissions website.

How will my credits transfer to UCF?

Please view the How Credits Transfer section of our website.

UCF accepts credits from regionally accredited institutions. How do I know the school(s) I am transferring from is regionally accredited?

Please use this website to determine if the school is regionally accredited.

How long is the credit evaluation process?

It depends on the coursework and the requirements that you are attempting to satisfy. If the courses are general education and are petitioned through Academic Services, this typically takes two to three weeks. If the courses are evaluated by the department/college of the major, it can take up to six weeks.

Can I have my credits evaluated before I transfer to UCF?

A student must be officially accepted in order for credits to be officially evaluated. Transfer and Transition Services can help students with getting and idea of how credits will transfer. To discuss this with a transfer advisor or peer advisor, please contact our office.

Once I transfer to UCF, how long will it take me to finish my degree?

To complete a degree with UCF, students must earn 120 credit hours. Within these hours, students must satisfy 36 of general education coursework, 48 hours of upper division coursework in addition to the requirements of the specific major. Additionally, 30 of the last 36 hours must be completed at UCF to fulfill the residency requirement for graduation. Depending on how credits transfer will determine how long it will take to graduate. Typically, it takes transfer students about two years to complete their degree with UCF.

What is DirectConnect Guaranteed Admission and what is the process?

Students who apply to UCF after earning an Associate of Arts degree or articulated Associate of Science degree from one of the four DirectConnect Community/State Colleges, will receive guaranteed admission. Students must be enrolled at one of these schools, sign-up for DirectConnect, graduate from the institution, and apply to UCF upon completion of degree in order to be admitted under DirectConnect. For more information about this program and how to start, please visit this website.

I am a transfer student who is also a U.S. Veteran. Are there any resources I can connect with to help with the transfer process?

Yes. The Veterans Academic Resource Center (VARC) is the first stop for U.S. Veterans and Veteran Dependents needing assistance through the transfer process and even until graduation. To connect with the Transfer Advisor from VARC, please visit their website for contact information.

I have been accepted to UCF, what are my next steps?

If you have been officially accepted to UCF, your next step is to sign-up for a Transfer Student Orientation. At this session, you will be able to learn about the transfer process, meet with your advisors from your major, connect with key UCF resources, and register for your classes. To sign-up for orientation, please visit this website.

I am not sure what major I should study at UCF. What are my options?

It is important to make your decisions on a major before the start of your first semester at UCF. This is so you avoid challenging penalties associated with financial aid as well as excess hours. It is important to understand that only you can truly decide on the best major for your future goals. To help you with this, you can use the Virtual Career Center through UCF’s Career Services website to help you with career exploration.

You can also meet with a counselor in Career Services to discuss this more in depth. Once you decide on at least a career goal or direction, you can meet with Transfer and Transition Services and we can help connect those goals with a major. Please contact us to discuss this further and make an appointment.

What is Excess Hours and what can I do to avoid getting charged more for classes?

Excess Hours refers to attempted credit that surpasses the amount of credit needed to earn a bachelors degree at UCF. Students who have excess hours may run into surcharges for the amount of credit surpassing the limit of credit for the typical bachelors degree. There are many details to this legislation and for more information please visit the Registrar’s Office website.

How do I make sure I continue to receive financial aid at UCF once I transfer?

To determine how the financial aid process works for transfer students at UCF, please visit the Office of Financial Assistance.

How do I find my Academic Advisor?

Typically, once a transfer student has completed the general education program requirements and the prerequisites for the major, the Academic Advisor would then be located in the department of the major. To find out who your Academic Advisor is, please select your major from this link, download the pdf, and then locate the contact information in the top left corner of the program outline. This should provide name, location and contact information.

What is the General Education Program?

The General Education Program (GEP) consists of about 36 hours of English, math, historical & cultural, science and social science coursework. UCF’s GEP is a graduation requirement and must be met to graduate as well as for some programs before enrollment. To get a list of the GEP, please visit this website.

What are the requirements for my major?

To view the requirements for your major, please visit this website and click on your major.

What is grade forgiveness?

Grade forgiveness refers to the opportunity to repeat a course to earn a better grade. At UCF, students are eligible for only two grades to be forgiven. Transfer students who have used grade forgiveness already at previous institutions may not be eligible for additional grade forgiveness at UCF. Also, courses forgiven at UCF must be taken at UCF. Students must follow an official process to apply for this and follow appropriate deadlines. More information can be found through this website.

What is the transient student process?

Transient work refers to students currently enrolled at one institution, enrolling at another institution to complete a course simultaneously. Keep in mind that students receiving financial assistance are only able to receive aid at one institution. For more information and the process, please visit this link.