No walk-ins on 1/28/2020: by appointment only

We will not be providing any walk-in advising on 1/28/2020. Please schedule an appointment to meet with a transfer advisor regarding transfer credit equivalencies and GEP.

Transfer Advocate Certificate Series

The Office of Transfer & Transition Services, in partnership with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, is excited to offer a new diversity series for UCF Faculty & Staff. The Transfer Advocate Certificate Series consists of three workshops that educate UCF faculty and staff on the transfer student experience and equip them with techniques to promote student success at UCF and beyond. Faculty and staff can sign up for these workshops via MyUCF’s Employee Development and Training page. We encourage all staff to participate, including undergraduate and graduate students. Certificates are awarded to individuals who persist through Sessions 1-3 (in sequence).

Fall 2019 dates/times of workshops are as follows (sessions must be taken in order):

DIV393—Transfer Advocate Certificate Series Session 1

Tuesday 02/11/20, 3:00 PM -4:30 PM | BYC 140

DIV394—Transfer Advocate Certificate Series Session 2

Tuesday 03/03/20, 3:00 PM -4:30 PM | BYC 140

DIV419– Transfer Advocate Certificate Series Session 3

Tuesday 04/07/20, 3:00 PM -4:30 PM | BYC 140

Any questions please contact Bernard Huggins:

Phone (407) 823-3721