Faculty Workshop Series

The QEP-sponsored Transfer Student Success Workshop Series seeks to help undergraduate faculty recognize the challenges facing transfer students and equip them with techniques to promote student success in the major and beyond. We seek faculty who want to help improve our transfer student experience through participating in this 5-part workshop series.

Faculty Commitments

Through a series of five 90-minute meetings, participants will learn from experts and work with peers on a range of issues, including the challenges faced by transfer students. These challenges include the difficulty connecting to mentors; lack of preparation for courses in their major; student concern over career readiness; and the realities of transfer shock.
The workshop series will also cover UCF initiatives such as the Provost’s Foundations of Excellence Transfer Initiative and related data; curriculum alignment with our state college partners; and, ways to better support these students in their transition to UCF (e.g., revising their four year suggested plan of study to better support transfer students, providing more structured mentoring with both successful transfer peers and faculty, creating contacts with state colleges to improve advising of students coming to UCF to help ease transition, etc.).


At the end of the workshop series, participants will create either short- or long-term plans to support, mentor, and advise their transfer students in the major.


Participants will receive $350 each for completion of this semester-long commitment. Participants must be present at each meeting to receive compensation.

Application Process

Call for applications typically open the second week of the Fall and Spring semester. Interested faculty should submit their applications to Dr. Jason Dodge, Director of Transfer & Transition Services, via email (Jason.Dodge@ucf.edu). The application should include the following:

  • Name
  • Academic department (and specialty, if applicable)
  • Brief statement (of no more than 300 words) of what you hope to gain from participation in the workshop and particular challenges of supporting your transfer majors you would like to address.