The Office of Transfer and Transition Services offers unofficial, preliminary estimations of how credits may transfer. This is to assist students during the preadmission stage with determining how their academic transfer process will occur before official enrollment. Discussions on this process can occur via email, in-person appointments, phone, and also skype video appointments. For more information on scheduling an appointment, please contact our office.

Once a student is accepted to the university, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will process official transcripts and enter coursework into the system. Once accepted, credits have been entered into the system new audits are available students can begin to view how credits are applied to their degree by reviewing the degree audit accessible through their MyUCF online student portal. At this time, it can be determined if transferred coursework meets equivalency for the selected major and UCF degree requirements. It can also be determined if further evaluation is needed by the appropriate departments. To ensure additional evaluation processes go smoothly, students should make sure to:

  • Retain all of class syllabi
  • Obtain official course descriptions from official institution catalogs
  • Keep examples of coursework

Associate of Arts

Associate of Arts degrees earned at Florida Public Institutions will automatically satisfy the General Education Program (GEP) at UCF when final official transcripts showing date degree was earned is processed by UCF’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Despite any differences in coursework, if the degree is earned then the requirements will be met. If within your Florida A.A. degree you earned credit from outside the Florida system those courses will only need to be reviewed if they are prerequisites for more advance level courses needed at UCF.

Associate of Science/Associate of Applied Science

Associate of Science and Applied Science degrees earned at Florida Public Institutions DO NOT automatically satisfy the General Education requirements and students transferring with such degrees will still need to fulfil UCF GEP requirements.

Second-degree Seeking Students

Students transferring who have earned the equivalent of a regionally accredited bachelor’s degree will automatically fulfill UCF’s General Education Program (GEP). Major specific coursework will be determined by the college/department of the major.

Credits from Florida Public Institutions

Students transferring from Florida public community or state colleges as well as Florida public universities will have coursework transferred based on a common course numbering system. The common course numbering system generally operates by automatically equating courses which have the same first 3 letters of the course prefix and the same last three letter of the prefix. For example:

General Biology (UCF) BSC2010C = Introduction to Biology (Florida State College) BSC1010C

Generally, if the prefixes from transferring courses do not follow the above rule, then they do not automatically transfer and will either need to be formally reviewed or are not equivalent.

General Education Petition Process

For courses that students would like to count towards the UCF General Education Program requirements, petitions must be submitted through the office of Academic Services. This is an electronic process that is initiated online and can take two to three weeks to complete. For more information and to submit petitions for general education, please see this link:

For Math and Science courses for either general education or for major requirements they must be submitted to the College of Sciences at the following link:

Major–related Coursework Petition Process

Courses that students would like to apply to major specific requirements generally are evaluated through the department or college of the related major. Students can contact the department and/or college of their major in order to find out the process for petitioning major specific courses. Some departments/colleges also have an online process for petitioning. Some of the most common petitioning forms are listed below:

Credits from Out-of-State and/or Private Institutions

To find out if an institution is regionally accredited, please visit this website.

Credits from International Institutions

Coursework transferred from international, non-American institutions, will need to be officially evaluated through one of the UCF approved NACES companies:

If you are submitting international post-secondary school (university) credentials, order course-by-course evaluations.

Credits from Non-Regionally Accredited Institutions

UCF is generally unable to accept credits from non-regionally accredited institutions with the exception of limited courses from the list below. These schools are located in Florida and have met required criteria with the states approval. The state has determined which classes meet set requirements and are acceptable for transferable credit.