No walk-ins on 1/28/2020: by appointment only

We will not be providing any walk-in advising on 1/28/2020. Please schedule an appointment to meet with a transfer advisor regarding transfer credit equivalencies and GEP.


Transfer and Transition Services helps transfer students make a seamless transition for a more successful UCF experience. We provide pre-admission and transition advising to transfer students as well as connections to the campus community through a strong Peer Advisor program.

Pre-Admission Advising

  • Pre-admission academic advising and planning
  • Help choosing a major, identifying Common Program Prerequisites for a major, and preparing an academic plan
  • Deciding on a major/minor
  • General Education Program information
  • Help with transfer course equivalencies

College Connections

  • Referrals to academic departments and other offices
  • Contact with UCF faculty and staff
  • Assistance for creating a smooth transition into a major

Student Support

  • Answers to transition questions and concerns
  • Advocacy for transfer students
  • Links to the campus community
  • Connections to UCF resources

Social Connections

Mission Statement

Transfer and Transition Services provides assistance, referrals, and advocacy to enhance students’ opportunities for strong academic preparation, a smooth transition to UCF, and successful progress toward graduation.

We provide these services to transfer undergraduate students through academic and transition advising, programming for students and advisors, coordination of articulation agreements, and through publications and other communications for all constituents.


The Office of Transfer and Transition Services continues to be a nationally recognized team of advocates for students and a model advising support program, promoting undergraduate students’ academic preparation, transition, and progress toward graduation. Through collaboration and partnerships with internal and external constituencies, the office remains cutting-edge in providing opportunities for student success.